Milan Dimitrioski

Milan Dimitrioski

Chief Executive Officer

Founder of BDG, having worked in numerous roles within the organization besides the CEO position he is still holding. Milan has significant background in finance and has been the Executive Producer of the highest rated Macedonian TV talk show "Eden na Eden" since its inception in 2008.

Zarko Dimitrioski

Zarko Dimitrioski

Creative Director

One of the most prominent media and marketing personalities in the country, Zarko's been in the media industry since childhood, holding multiple senior positions including Entertainment Executive at A1, highest rated TV station at the time. He's been awarded many international and domestic accolades and is the President of the Team 40 Association within the Economic Chamber.

Julian Roberts

Julian Roberts

Non-Executive Director

A strategic, results-orientated business leader with extensive "hands on" experience in developing and delivering marketing, branding and communication solutions, Julian has over 25 years experience in senior marketing roles with major international companies including Kaspersky, ESET and prominent UK advertising agencies and holdings.

BDG is a full-service marketing agency, based in Skopje, Macedonia, working with international and regional companies. Established in 2012 as “1on1 Agency”, it has grown to be one of the biggest domestic independent shops.

Our structure and account management provides a faster, better, cheaper service based on high agility and efficiency of work resulting in better overall quality and client satisfaction.

The team consists not only of creative, digital & communication experts, media planners, production & organizing departments, but also of highly qualified analysts, financial managers and investment advisors giving a unique marketing experience to the client.

Brothers Milan and Zarko Dimitrioski are partners at the helm. Zarko is a leading media and business personality with accolades like Entrepreneur of the year and as the first Macedonian to be included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, while Milan is a former investment advisor and partner in an investment fund. They’ve been running the show at BDG since the very start.

Company Secret

We’re different than most agencies. We take pride in the successful record of our account-centric model.

Doing great marketing is simple. Extremely hard and time-consuming, but simple. You only need Great Impact, Real Persuasion, Clear Communication and a full understanding of the client’s needs.

It takes passion, confidence and work ethic to believe in one’s own ability to come up with more great ideas if and when their original great idea dies. .

And ideas do die. But what makes us better than most is our ability to go back and come up with more, better and even greater ideas

There. Now you know our secret.

And how we use it

Most agencies and companies are not willing to give the effort it takes to be great. They look for shortcuts when there are none. People who understand this and have the passion, confidence and work ethic tend to have very successful careers and that is exactly what we expect from the 20+ people in our agency.

The advantage we have are the work-hours we’re prepared to invest and the strength of our ideas. Those ideas and willpower ultimately become the advantage our clients have over the companies they compete with.

That's our secret sauce and we have a batch of it cooking at any time. Want a taste? Check our work and feel free to contact us at any time.

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